brown pants are so ugly who the fuck ever wears brown pants?!?


08.01.14 @ 12:3963



where do quicksand take you tho 

The sand world

Quicksand turned out to… Not be a problem in adult life

There’s a girl named Wee wee and how on earth are you supposed to seriously go on a date naked with a girl named wee wee

Okay so I am watching dating naked, and this is by far the worst use of human energy ever

I got on the bus this morning to go to work and it was filled with people in business wear and all I wanted to do was scream I WANT A REAL JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These asian parents seriously pushing their 7-year old daughter into club swimming and comparing her to a 6-year old who I taught to swim at 4. It makes me so sad!

I’ve been through that and she certainly doesn’t need the pressure.


Yue Minjun and his artwork

07.30.14 @ 18:142493


Watching true blood for the first time just so randomly in the middle of some season and I am so confused.


i never liked my name much

until i heard u saying it

while we were doing them thangs

07.29.14 @ 10:232121